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Develop Data Science Skills One Course at a Time

Get ready to upskill quickly with our six short immersive data science online courses.

Led by industry experts and designed to be taken individually, you can build in-demand skills in a variety of data science and analytics areas, only taking courses that are relevant to you. Upskill in a single area in just four short weeks while completing a portfolio-worthy project that can help you stand out to future employers.

Individual Immersives Data Science Courses Online

Gain job-ready skills fast and customize your learning journey by only taking the online data science courses you need.

  1. Python and Math Fundamentals: In this introductory course learn basic Python programming skills and mathematical essentials critical for data science. In addition to coding fundamentals, you’ll cover linear algebra, calculus, probability, and statistics.
  2. Exploratory Data Analysis: Learn how to leverage tools like SQL and advanced Python libraries as you study the fundamentals of exploratory data analysis.
  3. Business Fundamentals for Data Practitioners: Learn the skills you need to make meaningful data insights, which in turn can help you make better business decisions.
  4. Linear Regression and Data Acquisition: Learn how to acquire data plus the basics of linear regressions, cross-validation, feature engineering, and more.
  5. Machine Learning Classification: Explore classification models from common algorithms to real-world applications and learn fundamental skills you’ll use as a data scientist.
  6. Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Unsupervised Learning: Study dimensionality reduction, clustering, and recommendation systems as you build your knowledge base in NLP and unsupervised learning.

Short Immersive Course Details

Duration: 4 weeks (per course)

Tuition: $2,500 (per course)

Weekly time commitment: 15 to 20 hours per week

Schedule: Flexible with deadlines to keep you on track

Lectures: On demand

Projects: One project that you can use to build a professional data science portfolio 

Application: Not required 

*Not for credit or part of a degree program. Not eligible for Title IV federal financial aid.

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